February 5, 2023

Weekend Binge – 11/19/16

Welcome to the Weekend Binge. We understand that you’re all busy, have real jobs, and likely can’t always keep up with all of our posts throughout the week – so we’ve developed the Weekend Binge. Here you can find a brief snippet and quick summary of each and every TGS post throughout the week with links for all the articles. Check them out while you wait for football to start, recover from a hangover, or postpone household chores. Enjoy.

Welcome to the World Series at Wrigley Field

If you’re a Cubs fan and still riding the World Series wave, JT Nutt has you covered as he shares his experience of attending game five at Wrigley Field. JT talks about his history as a Cubs fan, how he even had the opportunity to get a ticket, and recaps his trip and game experiences.

“Welcome to the World Series at Wrigley  Field.” The usher loved saying that, and would say it thousands of times.  He had waited his whole life to say it. I had waited my whole life to hear it. And man, the wait was worth it.

Well, Actually 1.05 – All Politics and No Play Make Us Something Something

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Well, Actually” is a podcast hosted by Tami Dooley and Nicole Gustafson that touches on numerous topics like pop culture, politics, women’s issues, and generally every as it pertains to women – including tips for men. On this episode, Tami and Nicole are finally relieved to discuss something other than politics and the recent election. The two main topics discussed are the NFL’s handling of the Josh Brown domestic assault, and modern day make up tips and tricks.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesStitcher or almost every podcast application to stay up to date on each of the four podcasts distributed by The Tailgate Society.

This week in the Group of Five

All season long, Tami Dooley has been giving you the best insight to the Group of 5 college football teams anywhere on the internet (we’re biased). Contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of good football happening outside of the power five conferences, and you can stay informed even if you don’t watch the games by simply reading her short recaps and rankings! Don’t say she didn’t tell you so…

Louisville is ranked #6, has the dominant Heisman candidate in Lamar Jackson, and should be on their way to playoff glory. Oh, wait, just one thing, gotta take out Houston. The Coogs are inconsistent, but super talented. Louisville does not look like they have a weakness, but if there is one to be found, Houston will do it. The chaos gods might leave this game alone, but either way it’s going to be a battle and super fun to watch.

BATTLEDOME: P5 vs. G5 for the College Football Playoff

We have a few Boise State fans on staff, and plenty of fans of power five teams. This led to a fairly entertaining impromptu debate about how undefeated group of five teams like Western Michigan (and oftentimes Boise State) should be treated in regards to the College Football Playoff. Discussion spans from making an eight team playoff all the way to Alabama should just join the MAC. Which side do you fall on?

@jared_leeper: College football is the only sport anywhere where you can’t be crowned a champion by winning all games on your schedule. There has to be a path SOMEHOW if you go unbeaten.

TGS Pro Weekly 1.10: Who cursed the Vikings?

TGS Pro Weekly is a weekly, one hour podcast that touches on all of the important stories in professional sports. In this week’s episode, AJ Speck, Jared Leeper and Austin Narber talk about what the hell is going on with the Vikings, play “Guess who?” in the NBA and NFL, and discuss the Chris Collinsworth/Bill Simmons Twitter beef. Give this a listen while you do some chores.

They are joined by special guest Tom Danielson who may have cursed his beloved Vikings.

Holiday 2016 gift guide for a post-election America

Do you enjoy sarcasm? Are you searching for the perfect holiday gift for that wacky, out of touch uncle in your life? Are you wondering what gifts might best prepare your children for a Donald J. Trump presidency? Don’t fret – Tami Dooley has every gift, for every person in your life this holiday season!

The Vasco Speak and Translate translator is a high tech way to make sure that your pleadings as a US citizen are understood by the invading forces before your rights are trampled spectacularly. It’s the size of a cell phone, and will fit seamlessly in the pocket of our mandatory government issued adidas tracksuits.

Friday Degenerate Board

The life of a degenerate gambler isn’t as glamourous as they often show in the movies. Oh wait – it’s exactly like that. Thankfully Tom recovered, and now he’s fending off his ongoing gambling addiction by playing with some fake money on The Tailgate Society! If you’re in the mood for some weekend picks, want to throw some money down on #MACTION or are looking for a parlay to win big, we’ve got you covered in this new weekly series.

Of course we thought we knew more than Las Vegas. How could we not be smarter than the sports books? We were peak, goddamn Millennials and we LOVED to think we knew it all. Turns out we were extremely wrong.

NFL Week 11 Preview

NFL ratings are down this year. We would love to think that’s attributed to our weekly coverage here at TGS by Janice. She fills you in on all the games you need to watch, warns you about the games you should avoid, and adds all the GIFs that perfectly encapsulate what’s bound to happen in the straight comical matchups. She even picks winners. What more do you need?

The Titans are actually really decent for being the Tennessee Titans. They blew out the Packers last week. Literally just blew them out. Out of the water. Made me want some country music and some BBQ. Yeehaw, Nashville.

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