July 22, 2024

Crying Jordans: Week in Review 11/1/16

With Vine making an exit soon, if not already, it will be really tough to not just put fifty of them on here but I will try and resist that idea. Try is the operative word there, so let’s get this started with some classic Philadelphia fan behavior – I mean this is so Philly.

Here a classic sports movie getting the crying Jordan treatment. Jobu does need a refill after the Indians started on their way to blowing a 3-1 series lead. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

This is not really funny, and to be honest when I see Cam dress the way he does, it concerns me. What in the actual fuck is this shit? Hell, even Steven Tyler thinks this is weird.

If I could do this without breaking a leg and my spinal column, I would do this all the time. Very impressive.

Just when I was really starting to enjoy Vine – it’s gone. Story of my life.

This is just great stuff right here.

I’m sure this is staged, but it’s still hilarious.

Not surprised one freaking bit that dildo’s are getting thrown on the field in Buffalo. That place just continues to step up their game.

I think we can all agree that Jacksonville’s uniforms would be waaaay better if this were real.

So here’s a few of my favorite “two shots of vodka” Vines.

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