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This week in the Group of 5 – 10/19/16

Boren likes his eggs with a side of #CoogTears. Oh, toss in those #CougTears as well. It's like having both red and green Tabasco. (Photo credit: Jake Trotter/ESPN)
Boren likes his eggs with a side of #CoogTears. Oh, toss in those #CougTears as well. It’s like having both red and green Tabasco. (Photo credit: Jake Trotter/ESPN)

Last weekend, The Chaos Gods laid in waiting. College football proceeded as if all was normal – with the teams winning and losing who were supposed to for the most part. Clemson had their yearly Clemsoning vs. NC State, but were good enough to be able to win in the end. Of course, there were a couple of upsets – Vandy over Georgia, anyone? However, there was but one harbinger of things to come – Mississippi State losing to BYU.

Why was this an omen of the impending doom? Because it put the Cougars in the news, and their elation over beating an SEC team coupled with impending conference realignment news had their fan base in a state. So on Monday, when the Big 12 had the fastest meeting they have ever had and ended it by announcing at 5:30 in the evening that they would not be expanding, well, we all know who was behind that.

Thanks, Chaos Gods. Schadenfreude is fun.

This Week’s Rankings

5. Navy Midshipmen
The Midshipmen had a well-earned bye between their victory over Houston and their clash with Memphis. Thus, they will not be penalized in the rankings. Hope Navy is ready.

4. South Florida Bulls
USF kept up their winning ways last weekend vs. UConn, and are the next G5 on the cusp of being ranked at the end of the season. Right now all they have to do is keep winning. Easy enough…at least for one more week until it’s time Navy and then Memphis. Power conference or not, the AAC is a tough conference to win in consistently and the Bulls are making it look easier than most.


3. Western Michigan Broncos
Western Michigan is on the cusp of a truly special season. They’re bought in and running roughshod through all the opponents. This team, if it continues, deserves better than the inevitable pre-Christmas bowl game it’s going to get if the top of the G5 doesn’t move significantly. Bless you, Bizzaro Broncos. Do not row your boat gently into the night.

2. Houston Cougars
Every week in the Coaches and AP polls, we see Houston stay ahead of the top team on this list. The Coogs are an excellent football team. They’re big, fast, and a danger to anyone on their schedule, especially Louisville, who is lurking down there in November. But if there is one precedent that the CFP committee has set, it’s that they will not put a one loss team over an undefeated one without a huge difference in SOS. With how Boise’s OOC foes are performing, it’s just not gonna be enough to have them playing on NYE if BSU holds out.

1. Boise State Broncos
We learned something about Boise State’s football team this weekend! They can play through adversity and win. Sure, the adversity was mostly at their own hands, but they outlasted Colorado State’s last minute theatrics and extinction burst of points to come out victorious. One of the most unpredictable tests on the schedule in BYU will be rolling on to The Blue this week, but tbh, it’s more fun to beat those guys when they’re emotional so coming off a big win and then a rejection should be a good time.

Games To Watch This Weekend

The “We’re Not Rivals” Rivalry – BYU @ Boise State – Thursday, 10:15p Eastern on ESPN
Boise and BYU share overlap in a lot of areas. Fanbases, alumni bases, recruiting spots, stupid game schedules that are made for TV, a propensity for miracle-making, and a mutual respectful dislike that builds every year. This is the rivalry that ESPN built, putting together the old self-appointed kings of the MWC with the new ones who fought and clawed for every accolade. This game might be full of offensive fireworks, or it might end up going 5 OT’s at a score of 6-3. Who needs sleep? It’s time for #MWCAfterDark and some well deserved revenge porn. Your boss will understand.

Remember to wear your cup.
Remember to wear your cup when watching BYU and Boise. Never know when it might be necessary.

ALL THE DIRECTIONAL MICHIGANS – Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan – 3:30p Eastern, ESPN3
Eastern Michigan is a decent football team. I mean, they’re no Toledo, but pretty good. All bowl eligible soon and shit. Won’t be enough to stop the Broncos Boat from rowing all over them. Worth a watch to see perfection in action, at least. The process is gold.

Flash vs. Boom – Memphis @ Navy – 3:30p Eastern, CBSSN
Memphis’ only loss came at the hands of Ole Miss, way back in week 4. Granted, Temple and Tulane aren’t exactly great challenges, but the Tigers are going to be tough for Navy to beat. Or maybe they won’t – the option has taken down better teams. Navy’s execution vs. Memphis’ speed is going to be an interesting match up – well worth the watch.

Speaking of Rivalries and Schadenfreude – Houston @ SMU – 7:00p Eastern, ESPN2
The timing of the B12 announcement couldn’t have been better for SMU or Boise State. This coverage has been the best distraction for their opponents since someone discovered shifting and motion pre-snap. Houston fans have gotta see the writing on the wall about Tom Herman bolting for more…purple pastures, and nobody is going to take greater joy in that than SMU. Expect this to be wild, SMU’s 2-4 record be damned.

Basically the Big 12 RN.
Basically the Big 12 RN.
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