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This week in the Group of 5 – 10/4/16

For goodness’ sake, College Football. You’re going to kill us all. We’re already dealing with the most stressful election year in recent memory so everyone is already on edge, and then you hand us a weekend where TEN RANKED TEAMS lose. There were stunning results all over the place. North Carolina took out Florida State in spectacular fashion. Indiana somehow beat Michigan State, Oklahoma beat TCU, Clemson took down Louisville, Michigan did Harbaughtastic things to a strong Wisconsin team, Tennessee escaped Georgia, Oklahoma State took advantage of Texas’ abundant defensive woes, and Washington made Stanford look more like a Big Ten disaster than what was thought of as the cream of the Pac 12 going in. San Diego State incomprehensibly lost to South Alabama for the second season in a row, and Utah wasn’t able to finish off Cal.

The chaos is indicated in the coaches and AP polls. Five teams dropped out of each – Michigan State, TCU, Georgia, SDSU, and Texas. It was not a great weekend for the Big 12, with two teams shown with a lot of weaknesses, and even their highest ranked team taking a scare from Iowa State. The next couple weeks are going to be pretty volatile as we figure out if the teams in the middle of the polls are what they seem.

The Rankings

5. University of South Alabama Jaguars
USA! USA! They’re not undefeated. Hell, they’re 0-2 in conference right now and don’t have a chance in hell at the playoff or a NY6 bowl. However, they make the list as Agents of Chaos by merit of ruining SDSU’s chance at greatness two seasons in a row and having a win against South Carolina. They’re on a bye this weekend, but take on Arkansas State on October 15th. Seeing these guys win 6 games and get to a bowl after 3 short years in FBS and only playing football since 2009 is gonna be pretty cool.

4. Air Force Falcons
The Mountain West’s Air Force is 4-0, coming off a 28-14 win over Navy and should feast on the bones of their enemies (possible trap games with Wyoming, New Mexico, and Hawaii not withstanding.) The Zoomies could set up a very interesting showdown with Boise on Black Friday if both teams are undefeated going in.

3. Western Michigan Broncos
The boat looks unstoppable in conference play after beating up on Central Michigan 49-10. Coach Fleck has his team firing on all cylinders, executing in every facet of the game and are facing an interesting conference schedule. NIU won’t pose much of a challenge next week, but Eastern Michigan and Toledo are lurking in the distant future. If the Bizzaro Broncos keep up their overachieving ways and the Chaos Gods keep getting their jollies by sending ranked teams to their doom, they could find themselves in quite the interesting position at the end of the season.

Pretty sure that mustache could toss a potato over them there mountains with no issue whatsoever.
Pretty sure that beast could toss a potato over them there mountains with no issue at all.

2. Boise State Broncos
Most fanbases would be thrilled to still be undefeated at this point. Enter Boise State’s fanbase, who is mostly pissed off that the offense isn’t made of C4 and unicorn farts. The thing is, Boise’s defense just might be comprised of those things, plus a healthy dose of Samson-like strength brought forth by DL Coach Steve Caldwell’s mustache.

Next up for the boys in blue is the trappiest of all trap games, the New Mexico Lobos. Boise State is good at a lot of things, but defending the Option has not been one of them in recent seasons. Coach Avalos has honed the defense and they are tackling well in space again, but it remains to be seen if defensive prowess will be enough to carry the Broncos this weekend too.

1. Houston Cougars
Houston beat up on UConn, even though they were deprived of their best players at linebacker, RB, and corner. This team is for real, but they’re still going to need to be at full strength to get past Navy, win their championship unscathed and be in the playoff convo. Houston really needs this season to be great, especially Tom Herman and Greg Ward Jr. Their futures are relying on it, as is the future affiliation of their university. Are they up for the challenge? Sure looks like that’s the case.

G5 Games to Watch Next Weekend

SEALing The Deal – Houston at Navy, Saturday, 3:00p Eastern on CBSSN
Houston theoretically shouldn’t have much issue dispatching Navy, but it is an option attack and college football is a cruel mistress. Watch to see Greg Ward Jr. doing Heisman highlight things if nothing else.

Maximum Maction – Eastern Michigan at Toledo, Saturday, 3:00p Eastern on ESPN3
Both EMU and Toledo are one loss teams looking to stay perfect in conference play after suffering blowout losses against Mizzou and BYU respectively. This game is going to be a great match up – if only it was on ESPN2 where more people would see it.

Will the Eagles ever break through that wall so they can play this weekend? The world may never know.
Will the Eagles ever break through that wall so they can take the field? The world may never know.

The Fighting Bob Davies Ride Again – Boise State at New Mexico, Friday, 9:00p Eastern on CBSSN
Beating Boise State two seasons in a row might be enough to vault HC Bob Davie to a slightly higher profile gig, like Fresno. The Broncos have trouble with the option in the good times, and the Lobos are capable of explosively big plays. Boise’s offense, while effective, doesn’t quite have the surgical efficiency that Bronco Nation is longing for. BSU is relying heavily on the run game, attempting over 40 run plays per game in the last two outings, and is trending the wrong way in average yards per play, per game. This game is likely going to turn in to some #MWCAfterDark shit, which is like #Pac12AfterDark meets #MACtion with worse defense, and is always an exciting time.

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