July 22, 2024

Crying Jordans: Week in review – 10/19/16

So despite keeping the title the same for now, I will be including a few non CJM’s in this weekly piece. So look for a possible name change at some point. There’s just too much great material out there on Twitter to not include at least a few different ones in here.

Since I’m currently a CUBS fan for now, this was an incredible game to watch and oh of course we got to see a Bay Area team blow a 3-1 lead yet again!

Oh my…

Ok last SF Giants one, this is a really fantastic one though.

Not to get political or anything, I literally had tears in my eyes watching this. Bone can get down.

You can pretty much can guarantee that AllState net didn’t catch the fucking ball either.

If you’re a Sci Fi fan at all, this gif probably made you LLLLOOOOOLLLLLLL. Classic movie scene played out during work hours, I hope.

Nobody was eaten during this encounter, so we can joke about it now. These dudes had no clue what the fuck to do either. A little more safety training might be in order.

Well this is suppose to be a “melting barbie” Halloween costume, but that’s not what I think it looks like – amiright?

OK, OK. Last Cubs related one I swear, they are just too good.

When you finally score for the first time in 2016….


So as most of us predicted (actually only me) the Big 12 has put a end to the expansion issue for now anyway, well there was at least one casualty today with the news..

Poor kid, the internet takes no prisoners haha.

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