July 13, 2024

Why Crying Jordan is the G.O.A.T. meme

So you HATE the CJM1/vine/gif/photoshop clogging up your twitter feed? Well, this is why you shouldn’t.

This is an increasingly controversial topic, and well, those of you that follow me on Twitter know exactly where I stand on it. I love it. I can’t retweet or quote tweet them fast enough. It’s one of my favorite things on social media. I love the evolution it’s taken on the last few years, starting with sports and branching to almost every major news story. I mean, people really are stepping up their game on this.

On the flip side there is an evil faction of Twitter/Facebook that doesn’t feel this way (frown emoji). I understand these detractors to a point, if the point is that it has probably, maybe, perhaps slightly, “jumped the shark” (all yutes2 please Google that term). Now hear me out on this. I actually understand that aspect…and it’s probably even right! This fact, however, will never deter me from my mission to share any and all of the top quality CJM’s!

I subscribe to the “everything is cyclical and will rotate back into coolness theory”. For example; brick phones3, tight rolled jeans, and my least favorite, the 1980’s mom jorts4, are all far greater epidemics on this planet (only kidding).

Now if your argument is that it’s somehow disrespectful to Mr. Jordan, I cannot accept this as a logical reason to discontinue this fantastic trend on social media. First of all, MJ is a freaking billionaire (probably) and I’m suppose to feel sorry for a billionaire (probably) who cried? CRY ME A RIVER!! No seriously, cry again MJ, PLEASE! We need a new picture to use!

Secondly, I was a HUGE Bulls and Jordan fan, and still am. I refuse to believe that he hates and or cares about this subject in the slightest. Third, Michael dominated the NBA and sports world for many years. You don’t think he made fun of anyone over the years? Well you’d be wrong people. Do a tad bit of research and there are quite a bit of stories and accounts of him doing exactly that. The stories are funny in a “before all the bullying sensitivity stuff” kind of way. Plus these were grown men, so it’s not really bullying IMHO.

So there’s my case for why the CJM should, and will, continue to be a thing. And by thing, I mean the Greatest (social media trend) Of All Time, just like Michael Jeffery Jordan.

1 Crying Jordan Meme
2 People I believe to be younger and much cooler than myself
3 Literally a brick-sized cell phone
4 Jean shorts (that one should have been easy)

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