July 22, 2024

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

There are a few things that are expected of you if you hail from Texas. You should have pride for your city and hate your rival city (fuck Dallas, those pompous assholes). You have to know at least one George Straight song, which really isn’t that hard. I mean, I can easily claim that all of my exes live in Texas. See what I did there? You have to own at least one pair of cowboy boots and oh, you also should be proficient in the art of barbecue and grilling.

I was born and raised in Houston. Down here in the South, ‘cue is a way of life. From family cookouts as a wee lad to professional cooking competitions in recent years, I’ve seen it all. I have very vivid memories of my dad firing up the smoker and grill for the Fourth. It would be a full spread, too. I’m talking about ribs, briskets, whole chickens, links…the works. I honestly enjoyed these meals more than Thanksgiving or Christmas. I guess it only seemed natural that I would pick up this hobby as I got older. Like father like son, right?

For the record, I am no professional pit master or grill master. Everything that I’ve learned so far has been from trial and error, as well as advice from those more experienced than I. That being said, I’m a fucking magician when it comes to ‘cueing and grilling. I’m like a black Harry Houdini. Also, my magic is extremely delicious.

My goal with my blog posts is to provide some insight into the world of cooking over in open flame. I’m not going to lie to you man, it’s not as easy as it looks. I’ve been grilling since college but have only recently taken it somewhat seriously. Like, purchasing choice cuts of meats, proper tools and utensils as well as investing in a decent grill. I’m even more of a novice in the art of smoking.

All in all, I’m here for one thing: to have fun cooking delicious meals. I’ll impart my knowledge and know-how with you. And I ask that you do the same with me. If you have some nuggets of advice that you think would make a “good recipe” into a “great recipe”, I beg of you to let me know. So let’s get this party started, shall we?

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