March 24, 2018

ESPN does a fun thing: His & Hers spoofs ‘Anchorman’

It started with the His & Hers podcast for me. I’ve been listening the Michael Smith and Jemele Hill for a few years now, so when ESPN2 flipped Numbers Never Lie to a daily-hour of His & Hers, I was stoked. Smith and Hill mix hip-hop, pop-culture, current events, and sports perfectly. Their chemistry is what many co-hosts could only dream of. If you don’t know, now you know.

First it was Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball”, then a Step-Brothers parody, then Coming to America. His & Hers duo, Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, have done it again.

Narrated by Bob Ley and featuring ESPN staples like Mike & Mike, NFL Live’s Trey Wingo, Jerome Bettis, and Tom Waddle, Sportscenter’s Kevin Negandhi and Jay Harris, E:60’s Jeremy Schapp and Ed Heck, and even ESPN Deportes’ One Nacion’s team – and more.

It didn’t send Twitter into a fiery blaze like the debate did last night, but Michael Smith and Jemele Hill released straight fire – again. See for yourself here:

That FS1 shade, though? Ooof. Give Jemele a god damn Emmy for doing the best impersonation of Brick.

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