July 22, 2024

Crying Jordans: Week in review – 9/27/16

This is it folks, we might have possibly found the best Crying Jordan of all time. Let’s hope not though, because I really enjoy writing this piece.

This is top five material right here might even be number one. Also, OUCH!

The first couple are from the same game, and they are both top notch stuff.

I hope to have a Notre Dame one on each week’s recap. (fingers crossed)

I guess losing at home to Idaho is bad? Yeah, it is.

There’s some really good stuff from the MSU game. This is great. Also if you haven’t seen the disappearing Mark Dantonio from the Wisconsin game, you need to check it out.

Sorry Vikings fans. This is the second time a Vikings starter has gotten this treatment.

Georgia Tech getting some love this week.

It really pains me to include the Florida Gators for the first time this year. (no it doesn’t)

Fight back:The life story of the net that whooped OBJ ass.

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