November 20, 2019

WNTD 1.12: Meet the Writer – Jared Leeper

The guys are continuing their summer interview trend, but this time comes with a twist. Jared Leeper is the first guest on what will be a string of podcasts in which the WNTD hosts introduce the audience to the writers at The Tailgate Society.

Those of you that have listened to the Drunk Dialing podcasts will likely be familiar with Leeper as he has co-hosted there quite a few times. However, this interview is a foray into Jared’s interest in the English Premier League and the other topics he may write about over at The Tailgate Society.

Since we know soccer isn’t necessarily for everybody, we threw in our “Fast 5” questions for Jared before signing off. Yes, we call it “Fast 5” because Ted seems to think that Fast 5 was the best of the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Stay tuned as we’re looking to drop these shorter, introductory podcasts as we head into the full-site launch on August 29th.

Jared Leeper 6 Articles
Staff Writer

Hailing from Nevada, Iowa, Jared is an Iowa State alum and self-proclaimed, rabid fan of the Iowa State Cyclones, St. Louis Cardinals and the English Premier League's Leicester City Foxes (seriously, he managed to get in before their miracle title run). Jared's hobbies include bowling, golf, slow-pitch softball and basketball. Leeper is a noted hater of the wave, referees aggressively calling fouls (especially charges), and the word "legacy". If you find Jared without an IPA in hand, you may want to ask him if something is wrong.

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