December 6, 2023

Love and respect, not fear

The last three days in America have been….well they haven’t been great. Let’s just go with that. Two men are dead at the hands of police with details still emerging on both of those incidents. Then there was what one officer called the “mini war,” which broke out in Dallas last night. I’ll spare you all the rest of the details because if you’re reading this, I’m sure you probably already know.

I don’t think any of us have the answers at this time, nor do we know where to even start, and that’s an extremely terrifying thought. Is it a gun issue? Is it a mental health issue? Is it a race issue? Is it a hate issue? Is it all of the above?

It’s scary to think that there are people walking around who can commit these ugly and hateful actions. We are all shaped by our surroundings, life experiences and our interactions with others. To me, there seems to be a lack of one simple principle in our day-to-day interactions, and that is RESPECT. I know that may sound pretty corny but it really SHOULD be the basis for all our interactions between each other.

In this instant reaction, “hot take” culture, it seems to be a race to see who can scream loudest and fastest. People race to politicize horrific events and “take sides” to try and further their agenda. Why? Just so they can be “right”?

Is it not possible to think the policemen were wrong in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights shootings while simultaneously supporting the Dallas Police Department? Is it not possible to support gun rights while thinking all of these murders were horrific and wrong? Is it not possible to think that both Black AND Blue lives matter?

Social media would have you believe that none of the above things are possible, but they are. We can all have different views, outlooks and opinions yet still be RESPECTFUL. This is an issue of common decency. There is absolutely a way to have thoughtful dialogue about these issues without pinning each other into corners and acting as if everyone that disagrees with you is your enemy.

Treating each other with respect is a concept that needs to be grasped by all demographics. This isn’t to say that there can’t be disagreement or that you shouldn’t express your feelings, but we as a society are not going about it properly. We can all have different views and opinions, but respect needs to be the common thread.

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